December Newsletter & WE NEED LIST

Dear Consignors,

This time of the year, we are all bombarded with the constant commotion of holiday sales and bargains (there is no escaping it) and the excessive commercialism of the holiday season.  Sometimes the spirit of the season gets overshadowed by the stress of doing the right thing, getting the right gifts, etc.

Jane's Exchange does not want to contribute to this commercial assault of holiday expectations.  For this reason, we are only going to include in this newsletter a few things that we need and, if you have these items, you can bring them by anytime this month. We'd love to see you... please stop by and get warm!!!


1) Carriage buntings
2) Snow gloves and snow mittens
3) Ice skates
4) Maternity, especially maternity winter coats
5) One-piece snowsuits
6) Snow boots - All sizes
7) Sleepers and 2 piece pajamas 6 months and up (fleece is ok if nice)

If you have items that you wish to consign that are outside of our WE NEED list, please call to make an appointment.

Once again, we are working very hard to reach out to customers and we need your help. Please pass the word whether it be on-line or word of mouth.  Your support is a major reason we are still here!!

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